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26 rsquo; then feel and hold, \u0026 lsquo; forgive 'rs' is Cheap Nike Shoes not private. Most of the people doing things, to see other people is not, very angry, can be set aside to the Department, then the mood of Dayton, so \u0026 lsquo; forgive 'rs' , So, Zeng Guofan often respect, Qiu Ren together to speak, and as a way of life. Practice has proved that every person with a small amount of gas can not do to forgive, seeking benevolence. Because the narrow-minded will be tolerant and can not tolerate the matter, the old see others do well, and even see someone else is nothing. So, always want to impose their own ideas on people. As a result, there was a contradiction, there was a quarrel and accusations. Such people can not live together, not by others respect and support, often because of narrow heart caused. Only broad-minded, with the heart of love colleagues to get along with each other, will be on the merits of others, on the discussion of the responsibility. Will not care about grudges and resentment with the people around. To create an atmosphere of unity and struggle. Such a person, will get everyone's love and support, in order to do some big business. Learning is the god of God. Hard work is the foundation of a person's survival, self-reliance is Zeng Guofan's expectations of future Air Jordan 12 generations. So, he repeatedly warned the children and grandchildren always to work for the first meaning. This is Authentic Nike Shoes Sale not only for the children to frugal home to prevent the cold and cold suffering, but also for the children to overcome the spoiled problems. To promote the children to develop hard-working hardship, exercise bones, good physical habits. Zeng Guofan's teachings are full of philosophical and visionary. Now, many children are getting worse and worse. The main reason is spoiled, lack of exercise, some parents in the education of children, the lack of correct view, to take inappropriate behavior. Too much for children to spoil, pet pet, do not let the children do their own thing to do. Do Nike Air Max 180 EM Mens not let the children participate in some effort to work, for fear of children accident, for fear of affecting the child's homework, always want to do things for the children arranged, which in fact deprived of children in life, in adversity exercise opportunities, Yue Jiao, the body is getting worse. So, we like Zeng Guofan as, from the child's long-term development considerations, bold let go, let the children do more things, eat some bitter, in the hard environment to grow. In short. Zeng Guofan these four maxims for future generations, has a universal historical significance and practical significance. As long as we contact the actual to think, to practice. I believe it will be helpful for our study, work and life.Life must have a happy and forgetful heart Optimism is a tendency to character, so that people can see things more favorable side, look forward to more favorable results. Even if this person is born with no optimistic quality, but also through the day after tomorrow's efforts to achieve. Well-known biologist Darwin said: optimism is the hope of the light, it guides you from the dangerous canyon to the smooth way, so that you get new life, new hope, support your ideal not to devoid. Encounter a small affection on the angry, see injustice to call God and I can not make life, this is a leaf barrier head, but not Mount Tai, or Air Max 2015 even stepping into the corner. This one-sided thinking of the problem is very unsuccessful. Life is not surprising things in all likelihood, making pessimistic easy to become difficult to become a common phenomenon. However, always complaining people who eventually reduced to unfortunate people, only Wholesale Nike Air Max Shoes tenacious life will become the eternal people of the times. Optimistic people are agitated, everywhere can see the spring bloom peach blossom; pessimistic people are unfortunate people, always feel autumn rainwood leaves fall. If you see half a glass of water, what would you think? Pessimistic people think only half a glass of water. And optimistic people think there are half a glass of water! For your life, if only to see the negative side, may make you miss many opportunities. You ignore some of the problems, but may improve your relationship and quality of life. If you always have a pessimistic view of the world, then your attention may never be transferred to the side of your favor. So, how can a man keep a happy and forgetful heart? Personal understanding that the main five points: Keep a happy and forgetful heart, with a good attitude. Mentality to determine the state of mind, peace and ability to gas and, If the personal gains and losses look very heavy, restless, suffering from the loss of mentality imbalance, psychological weightlessness, can not find the direction. The fame and fortune to see too heavy, can not correctly deal with personal gains and losses. As everyone knows, human life, such as floods, do not encounter the islands and reefs, it is difficult to arouse the beautiful waves. The pursuit of perfect life, is everyone's dream. But does this perfection really exist? People are exhausted, just to pursue
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