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Examples not displayed

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Examples not displayed

Postby no-cheating » Sun Jan 22, 2017 10:21 pm


I imported a DSL (ABBYY Lingvo) dictionary into Golden Dict (version 1.5.0RC2-5) and it mostly went fine - the dictionary was idexed properly, the resources (sounds and images) are included - but the examples for the usage of words are not displayed at all. Here is how it looks on my screen (the examples should be displayed where the small speakers images are displayed on empty lines):


And here is the source code for that particular word. It seems Golden Dict is not rendering elements marked with [ex] and [/ex].

Code: Select all
   {{Roman}}[b]I.[/b]{{/Roman}}    [c blue][b]bug[/b][/c][sup]1[/sup][b][c red] S3[/c][/b] /bʌɡ/ [p]BrE[/p] [s]bre_bug_v0205.wav[/s] [p]AmE[/p] [s]ame_bug1.wav[/s][i][c] noun[/c][/i][c green] \[countable\][/c][/m]
   [m2]\[[c lightcoral]Date: [/c][c darkgray]1600-1700[/c]; [c lightcoral]Origin: [/c][c darkgray]Perhaps from [/c][c darkgray]bug[/c][c darkgray] [/c][i][c lightseagreen]'evil spirit, scarecrow'[/c][/i][c darkgray] [/c][c darkgray](14-18 centuries)[/c][c darkgray][/c]\][/m]
   [m2][b]1[/b]. [i][c maroon]informal[/c][/i] an illness that people catch very easily from each other but is not very serious[/m]
   [m3][c crimson]catch/pick up/get a bug[/c][/m]
   [m4]  [s]exa_p008-001663663.wav[/s] [*][ex][lang id=1]I picked up a bug last weekend.[/lang][/ex][/*][/m]
   [m4]  [s]exa_p008-001663664.wav[/s] [*][ex][lang id=1]There’s [u]a[/u] nasty [u]bug going round[/u][i] (=that a lot of people have caught)[/i].[/lang][/ex][/*][/m]
   [m3][c crimson]tummy/stomach bug[/c][i] (=illness affecting your stomach)[/i][/m]
   [m4]  [s]exa_p008-001663672.wav[/s] [*][ex][lang id=1]He’s off work with a stomach bug.[/lang][/ex][/*][/m]
   [m4]  [s]exa_p008-001783286.wav[/s] [*][ex][lang id=1]a 24-hour [u]flu bug[/u][/lang][/ex][/*][/m]
   [m2][b]2[/b]. [i][c maroon]especially American English[/c][/i] a small insect[/m]

I tried importing some other DSL dictionary and got the same results - when there are some examples, they are rendered blank. I must add that I remember importing the same dictionary into Golden Dict using other operating system few years back and then the examples were rendered fine.

Does somebody has an idea what could be the problem and how to fix that?
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Re: Examples not displayed

Postby Abs62 » Mon Jan 23, 2017 5:28 am

Preferences -> Advanced -> Expand optional parts. Or press cross icon beside article header. Read GD help.
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