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Goldendict doesn't detect a new dictionary, Stardict does.

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Goldendict doesn't detect a new dictionary, Stardict does.

Postby staerseus » Fri Mar 09, 2012 6:52 pm

Hi everybody,

I really like Goldendict, I think it is the best dictionary software for Linux available, but I have a problem with self made dictionaries - they are not detected by Goldendict, other programs like Qstardict, Stardict and Babiloo successfully detect and import those dictionaries.

These dictionaries were converted from TRD into tabfiles by this utility (, then converted from TAB by utility "tabfile" from stardict tools. Then I put generated files into one one folder (EDIT: and moved to ~/.stardict/dic, of course) and started Goldendict and other dictionaries, in which it works.

I tried exporting files again, removing my ~/.goldendict folder, googling and googling, but I haven't find a solution, yet. Does anybody know, how to sort it out?

Thanks in advance.
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