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GoldenDict issue for rendering CSS style of MDX dictionaries

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GoldenDict issue for rendering CSS style of MDX dictionaries

Postby cadudesun » Wed Aug 07, 2019 10:07 pm


I'd appreciate help.

I've been using MDX dictionaries with CSS style in GoldenDict 1.5.0.RC2, which worked great.
I don't know why/how, but GoldenDict stopped rendering the CSS style suddenly, and the dictionaries' content are shown raw now.
If I open the same dictionaries in MDict, they render the CSS style properly. So this sounds a GoldenDict issue.

For instance, inside folder "content/longman", this is the file structure:
EN-EN Longman.css
EN-EN Longman.js
EN-EN Longman.mdd
EN-EN Longman.mdx
EN-EN Longman.png

=> Does anyone know how to solve this CSS style issue? Any way to force GoldenDict to start over reading the CSS?

Thank you very much!
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