Bosideng VS Moncler: Down top selling method

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Bosideng VS Moncler: Down top selling method

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Bosideng VS Moncler: Down top selling method
Content Bosideng did not have any good news in the past 2013. According to the interim results recently released by the company, operating profit for chaussure nike air max 97 the first half of fiscal year ended September 30, 2013 fell 19.5% YoY. Bloated down jacket has always been a very difficult to create a sense of fashion category, it exists more meaning is practical and warm, and these basic concepts bound it more possibilities. Moncler boosts brand innovation by recruiting star designers such as Thom Browne While Bosideng continues to introduce some fashion-related concepts to the brand, do people still think it is not a down jacket? In 2013, Bosideng went through the Guan Dian tide and 344 shops closed. A brand may be able to provide some reference. Originally linked to fashion, it built a relationship with a popular name 'Panini.' This brand is called Moncler. In 1952, three Frenchmen set up Moncler, who reduced the thickness of the padding inside the down jacket and at the same time guaranteed its warmth making it ideal for outdoor activities. This feature even makes them a sponsor of the French national expedition. Until the early 1980s, Moncler and 'fashion' linked. Its success follows the story of the key character tipping point. At that time, there was a group of fashion lovers in Europe who called 'Paninari' and the group of young people who liked to make popular topics once had the best of Timberland, Levi's 501 jeans and Vans skateboard shoes, etc. Later, Wearing a colorful Moncler down jacket suddenly became a trend between the 'Panini', making Moncler almost become the influx of people standard. Its origins are not actually better than Bosideng go, professional ski suits, warm, if the senior, Is more technically stronger .In 2003 Italian businessman Remo Ruffini into Moncler become a major shareholder, it really broke through the boundaries of the professional ski clothes, began to wear daily fashion clothing direction .Boston also tried to enter the new area, But also opened the flagship store in the best location in London, but the effect may not be as expected.In 2007, Bosideng just started to enter the men's field, their target consumer groups are 30 to 40-year-old customer .In 2009, this group Of the age group has been expanded to become a boy who can meet until just graduated, up to a stable career Men's 'casual men's fashion.' And came to London to open the flagship store, Bosideng invited to Britain's famous designer, and the Bosideng men positioned as a senior dress, and Hugo Sac de voyage femme Boss's price, a shirt priced from 85 to 100 pounds, clothing prices in the 500 to 900 pounds.But according to a GUCCI insider's argument, the luxury men's brand in China's hot canada goose pas cher homme products mainly casual clothes, because the target consumers of such products are that Suit is too serious, the occasion is very limited. 'If you do not change the customer awareness of the brand, abruptly introduced new high-priced products, in the same brand expensive and cheap, consumers will not accept. Shanghai Seeing Brand Management Consultants Limited CEO Cui Hongbo told the 'First Financial Week.' In the past year, Bosideng men's business sales fell 30% year-on-year. Moncler put the down jacket as a fashion items can be used with a Treated. Ruffini rely on his contacts, everywhere in the fashion circle digging people. The first was invited designer Alessandra Facchinetti. 2006, the Italian female designer was just quit GUCCI creative director. And he invited The celebrity designer's ambition not only for Moncler was the only category - down jacket.He founded a new high-end women's series Gamme Rouge, designed by Facchinetti.After 3 years he dug American Thom Browne as Gamme Blue Senior Director of Design Men's air max 2015 Wear.Browne was Armani's sales director. With designers to make many different fabrics are used in the down jacket.For example, they and the Japanese tide brand White Mountaineering series is based on the theme of desert travel The fabric of this series of down jackets Has a texture similar to the sandstone surface.This method is to change the fabric of high-end clothing brand manufacturing price differences in the usual way.Designer brand Oscar de la Renta once revealed that the regular shop and discount stores were designed products, the difference is that The former is the re-development of the fabric used, while the latter is the use of existing fabrics.So for the relatively mature clothing category, innovation in the fabric can continue cheap luxury bags to achieve high gross profit.Moncler in the price to follow the positioning of luxury goods in production management The same is true .Ruffini from the outset deliberately let these two high-end clothing brands in Paris Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week catwalks, fashion celebrities gathered in the fashion is an appropriate marketing occasion.But catwalks actually account for only fashion companies A very small part of their sales, the vast majority of sales by the brand's 'Pre-collection' contribution. So Moncler in the annual January and June come up really allow michael kors bags buyers eyes Brilliant product. 'Moncler can be more than just a scarpe asics down jacket company. When I first bought this company, I thought, I need to redesign this business again. My dream is that you buy 3, 4, 5 my coat in the closet, and then every day to wear to wear, each coat is durable, allows you to wear a lifetime. Remo Ruffini said in an interview to the Financial Times. Through the clever design and clever mix, Moncler also successfully sold in the spring and summer down jacket season has been the largest down jacket brand eligibility .Home down jacket brand sales are usually only 9 months, June to August each year, some brands will choose to sublet the store out.And in the annual Moncler spring and summer show series, thin jacket and down vest with short dress and dress together, and Moncler The explanation is that the spring in some areas is still relatively cold, and customers are likely to travel to the southern hemisphere before July and August, but the opposite season has brought them to demand for down jackets. Everyone wants to be fashionable and selling down jackets However, there is a big difference between them, with Moncler selling less than 50 million euros in 2003, up from 489 million euros by 2012. 35% of non-down garments contributed 35% of sales Amount each year in Milan and Paris Fashion Week show is not lost to any big fashion big.If you are interested, Moncler can go to the official website to see their latest high-level women's 2013/2014 autumn and winter show.Is arranged to ice and snow-capped T stage, the model wrapped in fur, holding a white Husky came out - in addition to down jacket, Moncler also Selling fur, sweaters, dresses and accessories - most of the products that a premium clothing brand may have. Of course, the price is not cheap, and every single Moncler down jacket is in the thousands to thousands of yuan. In 2012, Moncler The official online mall in China. Although the site is operated by the Yoox Group, like its international counterparts, it does not look as good - the 'Faye Wong Black Slim Shorts' and the 'Fan Bingbing Big Short Collar Shorts' occupy The page.In order to get better, the brand should be more attentive to the Chinese market, at least the site should do with the store window feel more like.Of course, for Chinese consumers, Bosideng in the down jacket sector so popular, So one of the questions it should think of is whether to have a premium Botas cortas UGG brand. Statement: The above Bosideng VS Moncler: Down selling senior content by the 'China Garment Network Content Department' collected from the Internet, and clearly indicate the source of the source, if you disagree with the ownership of this article, please contact us Once verified, we will change! Page flip
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