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Content November 27

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Bosideng 2017 semi-annual report released fine management Paul performance stable
Content November 27, Bosideng released as of the end of scarpe asics September interim results report, thanks to OEM (OEM) business revenue rose sharply, from April to September this year, Bosideng Group achieved operating revenue of 2.849 billion yuan, an increase of 1.4% . In this year's high cost, the domestic economy continued to slump, a lot of apparel business revenue decline in the environment, the Bosideng Group, with the fine management of rational allocation of production capacity, synergy through synergy brand play to achieve revenue growth for the garment enterprises to spend energy savings Winter provides the best sample. The report shows that during the period, the Group's michael kors bags main down business was mainly quarterly sales with revenue of RMB1.418 billion, accounting for 49.8% of the Group's total revenue, down 19.2% from the same period of last year, but benefited from the relatively high gross profit margin of Bosideng The proportion of brand revenue increased, down jackets business gross margin increased 9.1%. Non-down jacket business and OEM processing business increased significantly, of which OEM revenue reached 1.011 billion, a substantial increase of 54.8%; non-down jacket increased by 5.1%, contributed revenue of 419 million, of which Bosideng Men's income increased over the same period last year 16.3%. The revenue of Jesse Womenswear business increased by about 9% as compared with the same period of last year, showing remarkable results. Bosch chief executive officer Liang Xuhui said in 2014, Bosideng 'comprehensive transformation and upgrading, deepen the reform of the year.' Faced with the sluggish consumer market environment and the impact of the Internet model, Bosideng rationalized its production capacity structure, down jacket business, non-down jacket business and OEM business in line with the market conditions and proceeded to enhance the Group's sustainable development in many aspects. Under the situation of downturn in business of downturn, seize the opportunity of development of international OEM business and increase the production capacity of part of OEM business under the opportunity of some brand-new products developed this year. As a result, the sales revenue of OEM business will increase as of September More than 50%, the annual growth is expected to remain at around 10-15%, which has laid a solid foundation for the Group to achieve stable overall sales revenue. On the other hand, the Group also made great efforts to shift from partial management mode to refinement this year. It focused on enhancing retail capabilities and brand integration. According to periodic market assessment and analysis, the Group adjusted the rational distribution of retail network in a timely manner Stop poor performance and overlapping sales outlets, the current share of Bosideng self-service stores have been nearly Botas cortas UGG 40%. In addition, the Group actively cleared inventories this year and reduced the inventory by about 10% by adjusting the price structure, opening up inventory channels, and strictly controlling the production volume of new orders. The transformation of the current consumer characteristics, Bosideng's marketing air max 2015 model is changing. Liang Xuhui introduced, in addition to reducing the traditional hard-put widely to increase cheap luxury bags new media promotion methods, 14 years, Bosideng began to explore and gradually get through online and offline channels. Has now achieved in Shanghai, Beijing and other 19 national sales of offline product sharing, online orders can be nearest delivery and return, shorten the delivery time and effectively enhance the customer shopping experience is expected this fiscal year e-commerce 30% of orders through the line with delivery completed. At the same time, Sac de voyage femme WeChat section combined with the activity of scanning two-dimensional code, the use of member information to promote the store or promotion of online and offline platform to pull each other more and more forms are also used. It is reported that in non-feather business and overseas business, Bosideng's development is canada goose pas cher homme methodical. With Bosideng Men's and Jessie Ladies' brands gaining 16.3% and 9% growth respectively in the same period, Bosideng's non-down business will continue to be more refined and analytical management based on market and target customers with a view to achieving a more stable Performance improvement. According to interim report shows Bosideng's own overseas brand business has also developed well in autumn and chaussure nike air max 97 winter 2014 orders up to 28,000, an increase of more than 20,000 pieces. Spring and summer 2015 orders have been booked 38,000, an increase of 34,000. According to Liang Xuhui, in the future, Bosideng will continue its efforts to enhance its internal competitiveness, promote the integration of O2O with Internet thinking, seek diversified development and moderately develop its overseas business. At present, China's garment retail is affected by factors such as the rising costs of production factors and the slowdown of the domestic economic growth. The market continues to be in a downturn. Domestic sales growth has slowed down again and again. Turnover and net profit have been on a continuous decline. According to statistics, as of October 30, there are 30 clothing companies listed on the 2014 third quarterly results released, of which 18 results year on year decline, accounting for Liu Cheng. Statement: The above Bosideng 2014 semi-annual report released refined management and protection performance smooth content collected by the 'China Apparel Network Content Department' from the Internet, and have a clear source of the content of the source, if you disagree with the ownership of this article, please Contact us, once verified, we will immediately change! page flip
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