Bosideng: Down Top Why 'wings fly together'

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Bosideng: Down Top Why 'wings fly together'

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Bosideng: Down Top Why 'wings fly together'
Content On November 12, 2013, at 0:00, the number on the display screen of the Bosideng Electronic Commerce Hall was at 110.2 million yuan, which indicates that the sales volume of Bosideng Group's 'Double 11' in 2013 increased nearly 10% over the previous year, Women's sales sixth. Data from Taobao data monitoring tools data cube, Bosideng flagship store down jacket sales of more than 60 million day, down jacket daily sales ranked first, second place than the brand more than 23 million yuan. Bosideng has always been at the forefront of online sales of apparel brands since its first 'Double 11' in 2010, with the unit shipments up to 50,000 orders a day. Bosideng as a veteran of the traditional clothing brand, in the 'double eleven' e-commerce carnival handed over transcripts surprising. You know, 'Double 11' has always been the world of the Internet brand, Bosideng adhering to the traditional brand of genes has played a beautiful online battle, thanks to Bosideng's prophecy of Internet thinking, for the early Internet operation Put in. Bosideng embarked on an attempt to e-commerce as early as in 2008. In 2009, we set up the e-commerce department to develop an ERP system specifically for e-commerce and launched its own network joining system And Taobao platform for a strategic cooperation, and later, Bosideng, snow fly and other sub-brands have opened in Taobao flagship store for online and offline interactive marketing project. michael kors bags 'According to Bosideng Wang, head of e-commerce introduced to 2011, The Group has set up an e-commerce company that specializes in e-commerce under the name of the company and independently develops online differentiated products to explore online marketing channels. The Company has formulated a series of supporting systems such as the management system of e-commerce operation department, the standard system of planning department, the standard system of logistics department, the system development and management system, the information system safety management system, the human resources management system and the financial management system to ensure that each department Closely linked with the strict implementation of the process. 'On December 15, 2008, the official Bosideng Taobao official flagship store was officially opened. We had only four full-time staff in charge of the e-commerce business in the early days of the business, but now Bosideng has more than 200 e-commerce team members,' he said. 'E-commerce is not just a single sales channel, we must re-look at e-commerce platform from a new perspective, it is a resource integration platform, but also a new sales platform, but also to enhance management platform.' Wang Chengjun said Bosideng Group on e-commerce business Development is very valued, Bosideng involved in the current e-commerce platform, including Taobao, Lynx, Jingdong, Amazon, the only product will be on the 1st shop and Dangdang, sales are mainly concentrated in Lynx, Taobao, Jingdong, Amazon and only Pin these few third-party platform. Although settled in third-party platform is the only way most traditional brands 'touch the net', but Bosideng in the use of mature platform, but also did Sac de voyage femme not forget for different platforms, 'according to local conditions,' which is Bosideng champion in the e-commerce Carnival Day one of the reasons. According to 'Textile and Apparel Weekly' reporter learned that Bosideng in the 'double eleven', 'double twelve' and other e-commerce carnival will be based on the current trend of the popular selection of hundreds of hot products, and launched more than 30 main push , To meet the needs of young consumers on the Internet. At the same time, in order to ensure the efficient operation of the system, Bosideng split the logistics module on the basis of the order system developed by itself and set up an independent WMS logistics system to prevent the sales system from malfunctioning. Bosideng will also order system and Alibaba Group poly stone tower system docking, to ensure smooth import orders, in order to further enhance customer loyalty, Bosideng also introduced CRM customer management system, and actively maintain the relationship between old customers. In addition, in order to lock more consumers in the event, Bosideng through the visual positioning, product shooting, copywriting design, page layout and other details of the control, the delicate product and perfect demonstrated most vividly. Bosideng official flagship store in particular, '38 years of focus, the achievements of pieces of boutique' as the theme, to create a strong brand culture, enhanced emotional affinity with consumers. Appeal for years of well-prepared intellectual property protection and solid research on the e-commerce thinking Bosideng rover e-commerce escort, in Wang Chengjun view, Bosideng brand in the minds of consumers a higher visibility and reputation is the brand line On the promotion of the most powerful weapon. With the deepening understanding of the business of e-commerce, Bosideng also entered a high-speed and professional development stage in the field of e-commerce. However, Bosideng is also suffering from the 'honor troubles' brought by fake and shoddy goods while harvesting amazing performance in the electricity supplier field. 'Because of the high visibility of Bosideng brand, fake and shoddy products often appear online, which not only damages the brand image, but also greatly damages the interests of consumers.' The company and relevant departments have organized special anti-counterfeiting activities on many occasions to curb counterfeiting Rampant phenomenon. 'Wang Chengjun told reporters that from Botas cortas UGG the beginning of 2013, Bosideng on a large number of shop sales of counterfeit Bosideng clothing infringement to report, with the full support of several electricity providers, the relevant departments in cracking down on counterfeiting operations, crack down on this Network infringement. Last year in March, Chenzhou, Hunan once cracked the nation's largest Taobao Bosideng Bosideng cases. It is reported that Bosideng company found that Taobao has more than 100 online stores in the sale of counterfeit Bosideng down jacket, these fake dens on the loss of the brand is immeasurable. Bosideng Chairman Gao Dekang once said: 'The Internet is a new thing, a good thing, but also troubles. Online fraud is much easier than offline, and criminals can sign up for an online shop with just an ID card.' , The more famous cheap luxury bags brand of sound, the more the Internet fake, because it has space, not enough to build the brand but no one to counterfeit. Fake on the surface can not see, but the consumer is a fraud, Bosideng hopes the government 'In 2014, at the National People's Congress, Gao Dekang submitted a proposal on strengthening the protection of intellectual property rights on the e-commerce platform as a representative of the NPC. He urged the launch of the E-Commerce Law, The legislative work made a number of suggestions. High Dekang believes that the current dispute in all e-commerce, the highest proportion of intellectual property disputes. A data from early 2013 also shows that intellectual property disputes accounted for 61.54% of the disputes over electricity suppliers. Among them, the most representative is 'Pirates of the map', many sellers selling fake and shoddy products, in their own shops infringing the use of brand pictures, text, video, etc., seriously misleading consumers. For example, GODC said: 'If a user claims to be the brand's network agency or licensor, the eCommerce platform should ask for the relevant supporting documentation and verify the authenticity of the chaussure nike air max 97 document.' O2O Is Imperative More than a month ago Bosideng released its annual results announcement. As of March 31, 2014, the company's annual profit reached 702 million yuan, of which the down jacket business ranked the industry leader with 37.8% market share, while the non-down business edged up 1.9%. For the future direction of the apparel business enterprises in the future generally concerned about the direction - O2, Bosideng CEO Liang Xuhui said, 'Bosideng has begun in this area to explore and try.' Specifically, Bosideng will establish a group of CRM canada [url=]air max 2015 goose pas cher homme[/url] and VIP management system; actively involved in the development of wearable carrier market, broaden the online sales channels; through data analysis, establish online brand operation planning, to explore the online and offline interaction. The large number of Bosideng direct sales stores will become Bosideng O2O model development of heavy weapons, each Bosideng direct sales stores will be the future of O2O business under the solid line, and two-dimensional code, WeChat marketing and other new online The model has also been incorporated into development planning. If 2008, Bosideng layout E-commerce's original intention is to make full use of e-commerce platform to reach out to more young consumers, through deep interaction scarpe asics with consumers to improve young consumers brand awareness and emotional connection. Well, the time goes by 2014, the face of e-commerce transformation of the year, Bosideng's e-commerce refers to the 'online and offline, the wings together' integrated layout. High Dickson has said publicly that the development of e-commerce has fundamentally changed the competitive landscape of apparel companies. All apparel brands are fully aware of the huge attraction of the e-commerce model. On this platform, the focus of e-commerce is O2O. In 2014, Bosideng also put forward the need to strengthen the electricity supplier and achieve an integrated online and offline layout so that the online and offline integration and development will embrace the Internet and the mobile Internet. For water O2O, Bosideng has two ideas, Wang Chengjun said, 'On the one hand, Bosideng to the existing advantages, based on the O2O online and offline resources integration, the collection of existing products, logistics and other resources so that online On the other hand, Bosideng not only pays attention to the development of e-commerce on the PC side, but also pays more attention to the mobile internet sales platform such as two-dimensional code and WeChat. '' With the fast speed of e-commerce Development, physical stores in the future may be reduced to e-commerce dressing room, 'For this argument, high Dekang that as long as the benefits of online and offline distribution, incentives, online and offline can be a win-win situation. High Dekang said, 'A Beijinger to Shanghai to buy things, saw the clothes inside this store, but he returned to Beijing, Beijing may not have the size of this store, he was transferred to Beijing online, in fact, this is a New shopping experience. So, this is not contradictory, the key is to look at how the integration. 'And online and offline product differentiation, Wang Chengjun said Bosideng part of the goods are online special contributions. Statement: The above Bosideng: down jacket leaders why the 'wings fly' content from the 'China Garment Network Content Department' collected from the Internet, and clearly indicate the source of the source, if you disagree with the ownership of this article, please contact We, once verified, we will change immediately! page flip
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