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Bosideng: Innovation brand plastic soul

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Bosideng: Innovation brand plastic soul
Content February 6, 2014, the Chinese are still immersed in the happy happiness of thousands of horses in the reunion, the other side of the Pacific Ocean in the United States, 2014 autumn and winter New York International Fashion Week has come elegantly in the heavy snow. A tide full of Chinese fashion brand Fashion Show to the US fashion industry has brought surprises. SL's punk spirit, thom Brown's British elite sense of super male models were interpreted as popular water, passing out the designer's quiet 'fashion sense of common sense,' even in the face of such international brands as BCBG. At this moment, New York's T station to become chaussure nike air max 97 the world of fashion Plaza, a fashion person was amazing: New York F / W 2014 丨 Bosideng? ! Yes, Bosideng. That is taken out of the country, the British brand campaign Bosideng! Chinese brand, British design, American fashion, Bosideng 'Romance of the Three Kingdoms' in New York Fashion Week, the ripple continued to spread. Bosideng Instagram fashion show news, by the United States famous boutiques Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman men's general manager Nick Wooster and other fashion 'praise' behind. Earlier January 22, Bosideng fashion experience shop Pop-up Store high-profile stationed in Manhattan, New York, Rothmans men's boutique boutiques, product categories include knitwear, cotton pants, shirts, clothing, and corporate logo down jacket. Cheng Lei, the deputy consul-general of China in New York, Markowitz, former chief of Brooklyn, and other top businesspeople, famous artists, artists and sports stars nearly 200 people attended the news reception. Bosideng also recruited Marty Staff, the former President of Hugo Boss, as a US business consultant, revealing the strong initiative of brand founder Gordon. In fact, in 2013, Goldman and his partners also faced the biggest challenge in a decade. This year, the 'First Lady' charismatic diplomacy uplifted the confidence of Chinese apparel practitioners to build fashion brands. The Third Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee established the main theme of the market in determining the allocation of resources and provided a platform for the development michael kors bags of the brand economy Huge space. Also this year, China's garment industry experienced a hard turningaround: the sluggish demand, rising costs, the traditional channels of online shopping challenge, the ups and downs of brand mergers and acquisitions ... one piece of bad news people feel sad: the golden age of Chinese clothing Where have you been? It is admirable that, in the commercial sea, the well-established Gao Dekang is in good condition and calm, leading Bosideng to take brand building as the core, and handed out a wonderful answer in the transition year: the annual tax payment amounted to 12.93 Bosideng, snow flying brand share of winter clothes market share of the first and second; Bosideng brand strength of 95.5, the brand value of 18.04 billion yuan, the first column clothing and footwear industry; was rated Ministry of Industry and the 'national level two Depth integration of model enterprises '; postdoctoral research postdoctoral workstation; Bosideng Business School unveiled; contract to become the official partner of the Premier League Tottenham Hot Springs, the acquisition of British men's Greenwoods, more Chinese brands have emerged as a new sample of overseas markets ... ... During the course of the year, Gao Dukang understated the pride and soberness of the strong from a low profile: 'Both the national level and the apparel industry are brewing a broad and profound reform. Innovation and innovation are the only roads leading to the future. During the reform, everyone had the opportunity to overtake corners, but also have the possibility of being overtaken by their opponents. Is the success of the brand, the more you can not superstitious past success, we canada goose pas cher homme must change from time to time, take advantage of the trend, with zero mentality to meet the transformation and development, fashion brand with innovative achievements of the Chinese dream! 'Transformation and integration to enhance business performance Over the past year, Bosideng continued Deepen the performance management system and social responsibility management system, continuously improve the integration of quality benefits and corporate social responsibility, enhance the coordination and sustainability of value development, and demonstrate the strong endogenous momentum in the transformation and upgrading of the brand economy. Bosideng took the lead in introducing the model of excellence performance management among the national apparel enterprises and adopted the principle of 'going out and inviting in.' The company Sac de voyage femme formed a good atmosphere of 'Learning Outstanding Performance Standards, Understanding Standards and Practices,' and set up a air max 2015 'Performance Excellence Model To promote the work of leading group 'take the lead in practice. In contrast with the relevant requirements of the Guidelines for Performance Excellence, we adhere to the combination of external evaluation and self-evaluation every year, constantly looking for opportunities for improvement and innovation, and continuing to make changes from a simple 'product quality' to a 'quality of enterprise development' 'The change. Combining with development practice, we unite the unique corporate mission, vision and values, and publicize and communicate to all employees, major suppliers and partners in various forms. In January 2013, China Quality Association and All-China Federation of Trade Unions awarded the title of 'China Outstanding Quality Person (National Quality Prize Individual Award)' by Chairman Gao Dekang, praising him for many years in adhering to the quality and efficiency and winning the world's attention and respect for the manufacturing of China. On February 10, 2014, Bosideng was also awarded the second Jiangsu Quality Award by Jiangsu Provincial People's Government. According to Gao Dekang, social responsibility is the primary factor of entrepreneurial quality. In fulfilling social responsibility, enterprises should proceed from the core values ​​and the concept of sustainable development, emphasize the unification of quality benefits and social responsibility, and promote the integration of social responsibility and management. In recent years, Bosideng, in accordance with the requirements of the CSC9000T system of China Textile Industry Federation, has stepped up its capacity building in social responsibility, information disclosure and value chain management to create a corporate social responsibility system of public responsibility, social welfare and ethical behavior. For two consecutive years Was awarded the industry social responsibility information disclosure demonstration award. Bosideng also promotes its innovative mechanism and win-win cooperation in value chain management to its upstream and downstream industry chain partners, strengthens business integrity and social responsibility, and jointly builds a brand value chain. On January 17, 2014, Goldrod was honorably elected as '2013 Outstanding Entrepreneurial Corporate Social Responsibility in China'. Bosideng also put 'human resources is the first resource for enterprises' in the first place, to explore enterprise development strategy oriented personnel training project. In September 2012, Bosideng organized the preparation of Boshimpu School of Business. Through the improvement of the group education and training system, innovative training mechanism, training methods and training contents, it cooperated with well-known domestic and foreign institutions to start seminars for professional managers and trained a group of top management talents and terminals Retail professionals. On January 6, 2014, Bosideng Business School was formally established and was awarded the 'Provincial Model Enterprise University' by Jiangsu Economic Commission. At present, Bosideng Business School is working hard to forge a highly qualified international talent team in combination with its corporate strategy, in order to transform itself into a talent reserve and intellectual guarantee for becoming a 'world-renowned integrated clothing brand operator.' Innovative drive to rebuild the brand advantage May 31, 2013, Bosideng postdoctoral workstations first postdoctoral defense conference site. Two kinds of almost identical white fabrics were ignited, the traditional polyester fabric that is ignited, the other despite the melting of the fire but there is always no burning, which is Bosideng Postdoctoral Workstation latest research results - multi-functional flame retardant Polyester. The experts attending the defense conference believed that the main technical performance of this scientific research achievement has reached the advanced level in the country and the international advanced level. After industrialization, the application fields are very extensive. At present, the project has applied for national invention patents, listed in key technological innovation projects in Jiangsu Province, and start the pilot. In the production line, Bosideng took the lead in introducing the Swedish Iridium intelligent suspension system in China's down jacket industry. After two years of optimized operation, it has become an 'excellent user' of ETON Hook Systems in terms of production efficiency, hardware and software knowledge, management level, production site and workers' benefits. The company also comprehensively promote 'one-piece flow', modular production mode, labor efficiency and quality control to cheap luxury bags a new level. In brand promotion and marketing, Bosideng put forward the new idea scarpe asics of ​​'warm fashion', redefined the warm meaning by 'color, light, ride, warm' and spread the brand image of fashion. At the same time as launching the 2013 Global Fashion Landmark Touring Exhibition, we operate the 'Bosideng Fashion' official microblogging, 'Chao Fan' community, the terminal together with celebrities, and other ways to fully integrate online and offline marketing resources to establish fun and easy interaction Starting from the emotional communication with the light consumer groups, promoting the brand image to youth, fashion and vitality transformation, as well as delivering the positive energy of caring, communicating and trusting society. In 2013, the 'miracle' of the Internet, such as the millet phenomenon, the O2O business model and the Taobao Double 11 Shopping Festival, brought a new sense of commerce to driving the traditional manufacturing industry to transform itself. In the eyes of Gao Dekang, the e-commerce platform has also been transformed from a channel innovation experiment to a conscious strategic choice of the enterprise. Bosideng conform to the tide of new economy such as electricity supplier and internet of things, and intensified the construction of online shopping platform, modern logistics science and technology park and enterprise informatization. Taobao double 11 Shopping Festival, Bosideng full network sales of 110.02 billion yuan, an increase of nearly 10% over the previous year. Data from Taobao data monitoring tool Rubik's Cube data show that the sales volume of Bosideng Botas cortas UGG flagship down jacket products over 60 million, ranking the first in sales of down jacket category, ranked second than the brand beyond 23 million yuan. Bosideng to 'integration of the two' as the starting point, transform and upgrade the traditional garment manufacturing industry, the development of modern industrial system. The company established an efficient information management mechanism and realized the overall and scientific management of the whole process of operation from order management, material testing, manufacturing, outward processing, warehousing and logistics, and marketing services. In 2013, Bosideng was listed in the list of 'National Informatization and Industrialization Deep Integration Demonstration Enterprise' by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology with excellent results. The Bosideng E-Business Integrated Innovation Pilot Project was also selected as the pilot project for the promotion of e-commerce and supply chain informatization of large enterprises . June 30, Minister Miao Wei Ministry of Industry inspected Bosideng headquarters, praised and said: 'I am optimistic about the future development of Bosideng!' Contrarian to seek market expansion In the face of the uproar in New York show, high Dekang calm aside I do not hide My ambition: 'I hope Bosideng brand can achieve great success in the United States market, the United States is the world's largest fashion market, the success of this market is of great significance to the brand.' To be fair, Bosideng in the United States in New York glory four Shoot, the slightest cover up its efforts in the UK and even the European market. In fact, Bosideng invested in portfolio punches again and again in the UK in 2013: On July 25, Bosideng London entered into a commercial partnership with the Premier League Tottenham Hotspur to become the official Tottenham official Men are dressed partners. Bosideng is the first team for Tottenham, management and the board to provide formal wear, brand more extensive appearance Tottenham's business activities and official website, social media channels. The 'marriage' of sports and fashion created a fruitful platform for Bosideng to establish its brand position in the United Kingdom and London. September 17, Suzhou, China held a city image promotion activity at Bosideng's European headquarters. A brand endorsement of a city, Bosideng become a British public understanding of Suzhou, understand the window of Chinese culture, the combination of oriental characteristics and British style, Bosideng become the carrier of East-West cultural and fashion exchange. On October 11, Bosideng acquired Greenwoods (Greenwoods) in the United Kingdom for $ 40 million and acquired the men's clothing brands such as Greenwoods and 1860. This is an important step forward in Bosideng's 'Four Seasons' strategy. It is another landmark overseas investment in the Chinese apparel industry, consolidating the Bosideng Group's men's business platform and its market position in the United Kingdom. Bosideng also cooperates with OTTO, a leading e-commerce company in the world, to promote its own brand in European and global markets and to seek greater export share. It has become a successful example of steady growth of foreign trade in the province and was named the first export enterprise of Jiangsu Province Quality Award. Bosideng's commercial operations in the UK market have garnered local public recognition and attention from the business community, including even British Prime Minister David Cameron. On December 3, Prime Minister Cameron's visit to Shanghai coincides with the brilliant words of a group of Chinese industry elites who at one time became a commercial anecdote of the WeChat and Weibo circles. During the meeting, Gordon specially briefed the Prime Minister Cameron on the Bosideng brand's growth story in the Chinese market, as well as investing in the UK to establish a European headquarters in London and the development of the flagship brand store. Prime Minister Cameron strongly agreed with Bosideng's innovative strategy in the UK market and hoped Bosideng would expand its investment in the UK. Fashion observers believe that from the establishment of the European headquarters and the flagship store in London to the United States to run a show in New York, manufacturing and development from China to the Chinese brand, Bosideng innate brand awareness is commendable, but the internationalization of the brand to go Long way. The steady layout of Bosideng, at every step, but also precisely that: Chinese brands are striving to break free from the low-end, cheap image, to the era of globalization, 'high and big' climbing. In 2014, Bosideng comprehensively upgraded and deepened the reform year. Bosideng will open a new pattern of brand value enhancement, internationalization, extension of business in four seasons and lean management with innovative spirit and change measures, and strive to earn a higher position in the global brand value chain and promote China in the global market Brand of China Style! Statement: The above Bosideng: Innovation brand plastic soul content by the 'Chinese clothing network content department' collected from the Internet, and have a clear source of the source indicate the source, if you disagree with the ownership of this article, please contact us Once verified, we will immediately change! page flip
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