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the magnificent development process

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Bosideng: customer value and benefit sharing to establish a brand image
Content 2017, China's garment industry will usher in a major change in the situation! Such judgments, based on the past 2016 China surging surging garment industry, the magnificent development process. This year, both the global fashion industry's attention, 'the new medium', but also the 'double eleven' clothing fashion e-commerce market carnival, Internet economy and O2O channel scarpe asics integration with unimaginable strength to change the traditional market competition pattern. This year, China's garment industry also revealed some common problems such as weak market demand, comprehensive cost pressure and extensive channel expansion. The period of rapid growth relying on labor costs and resource inputs has come to an abrupt end and has entered a period of profound restructuring and transformation Slow growth of the 'new normal.' Cross-sea, adversity even more true color. It is in this is known as 'the most difficult year in the history of a textile,' Bosideng people with a strong will and wisdom, or drying out a filled with proud and confident report card: Bosideng down jacket 20 years (1995-2014) reelection China's winter clothes market champion, for 18 consecutive years (1997-2014) only on behalf of China's winter clothes release fashion trends, brand cultivation, system construction, continuous improvement and other aspects of walking in the forefront of the national industrial enterprises, the Chinese Ministry of Industry awarded the 'National Industrial Brand Cultivation Model Enterprise 'honorary title. In the evaluation of 2014 China Brand Value released by AQSIQ and China Association of Building Brands, the strength of Bosideng brand reached 918.00 with a brand value of 19.749 billion yuan, ranking No.1 in the textile and apparel industry and displaying a strong brand with a strong peer recognition strength. The 12th National People's Congress, Bosideng brand founder Gao Dekang started his business for nearly 40 years, has maintained the good conditions are not idle, adversity not hungry strong mentality. In his opinion, the growth of Bosideng brand, is a microcosm of the development of the apparel industry, every ten years or so will experience a turning michael kors bags point. The first time was in 1994 that Bosideng turned its efforts to building its own brand of township enterprises from generation to generation of down coats. The second is in 2004, from the industry leader, large-scale management to cultivate brand names and international development. This time, he will lead the Bosideng people to zero attitude, new sail, once again set foot on the 'new starting point, and then start a business, build core competitiveness' of the stars journey, and strive to promote the company to chaussure nike air max 97 enter the next round of growth, solid Bosideng clothing Industry's leading edge. High Dekang believes that pragmatic innovation is the essence of entrepreneurship, is the brand of Everlasting promises. 'The most terrible thing nowadays is not to say that there are so many external difficulties, but the decline of entrepreneurial spirit such as stereotyped thinking, unscrupulousness and aggressiveness, feelings and daring entrepreneurs to adapt to the new normal economy. Demand is the core of today's fashion industry. We need to return to the original mindset of our products and services. We must have innovation based on value, focus on the main business, loyalty to quality, innovative adjustment from a global perspective and Internet perspective, highlight new competition Power. 'Focus on customer value service-oriented value creation and sharing is the foundation of all successful business. According to Gao Dekang, Bosideng wants to change its original mode of developing quantitatively and expandingly under the backdrop of a moderate amount of incremental normalcy. It will shift its focus to customer needs and re-establish its business model based on value-oriented services to enhance its brand strength. 'We need to take advantage of the situation and change decisively action, full of changes and innovations, lay the product leadership, marketing innovation and international layout of the three campaigns, the practice of 'world-renowned integrated clothing brand operators' business vision.' In recent years, Bosideng full implementation of high performance management, innovative quality management concepts, methods and models, formed a 'market-driven, brand-centric, the pursuit of excellence in quality management.' With the enhancement of consumer brand awareness, brands are increasingly becoming an important guideline for social consumer demand. To this end, Bosideng continued to deepen brand building, took the lead in the apparel industry to introduce and cultivate the management system of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology pilot project, Sac de voyage femme and continuously improve brand cultivation and competition force. In September 2014, the Bosideng headquarters building, with a building area of ​​40,000 square meters and a height of 120 meters, was set up with the integration of creative research and development, administrative offices, brand management and marketing services. It is devoted to building the headquarters of the world's leading apparel brand economy, Changshu garment industry to lead the transformation of the brand agglomeration has played an exemplary role. Bosideng knows that the king of products, service-oriented era is coming, the ultimate expression of brand power must be a good product and the ultimate experience. In 2014, Bosideng merged traditional technology with modern science and technology to innovate functional science and technology and introduced 'four defensive' fabrics of 'waterproof, oil-repellent, anti-fouling and radiation protection' into new product development. Fabric, and natural environmentally friendly radiation protection fabrics, forming a 'high density locker, heat storage, four anti-fabric' three core selling points, and constantly give new added value of science and technology to show the world down products versatility and fashion Sex. On October 12, the 'Iceberg Tour of Bosideng Down Arts 2014' was grandly opened in Shanghai World Trade Union Bailian Trade Union, and successively toured Suzhou, Beijing and Chengdu. With the theme of 'Ice Snow Mountain,' the tour invites cultural stars such as Lu Qi, Li Chen and Shi Zhengxiao to participate in the fashion interaction and explore and create the feather culture in a visionary spirit to lead the winter fashion classic. On the basis of adjusting the number of compressed terminal stores and optimizing the distribution of channels, Bosideng strives to create a 'pull' supply chain management mode featuring customer orientation, terminal stores as the core, efficient coordination and rapid response, to create more high-quality shopping experience. At the same time, actively explore the O2O online and offline integrated marketing of new models to reduce sales of intermediate links and reduce costs. In 2014 'Double 11' shopping carnival, Bosideng network sales hit a new high, the entire network sales exceeded 132 million yuan, an increase of nearly 20%, with absolute superiority in the network sales event in the first down jacket products, women's category Sales of the first five. In addition to the original Group E-commerce logistics delivery resources, located in Shanghai, Harbin and other logistics points for the first time the nearest delivery, the entire single delivery, more than one-third of the orders to achieve offline channel delivery , Bosideng 'online and offline, wings fly' integrated marketing initial success. In order to effectively safeguard the rights and interests of consumers and brand image, Bosideng also crack down on fake and shoddy products. In late October 2014, the company found that factories mass-produced silk counterfeit products that are counterfeit 'Bosideng' brand and were sold through the Internet in huge amounts and immediately filed a lawsuit with Changshu Police. A total of 10 suspects were arrested and 7300 pieces of counterfeit products were seized in mid-December in mid-December through a joint investigation by the Economic Investigation Department of nine provinces and cities across the country. The total value of the cases involved was over 65 million yuan. As a cultural trend and commercial mainstream, Chinese clothing attracts much attention and respect throughout the world. It is the 'Chinese dream' of a generation of costumers. However, he also soberly noticed that the trade exports without brand support are bound to be subject to the price cost and fall into the low end. While continuing to operate the London flagship store in the United Kingdom and to promote German e-commerce business cooperation, Bosideng has accelerated the globalization of the brand and the market. On May 29, 2014, Bosideng signed a contract to confirm the presence of Milan Expo 2015 at the Sino-Italian fashion forum hosted by the Consulate General of Italy in Shanghai and the Executive Committee of China Enterprise Expo Hall in Milan Expo. The booth will be held at China Enterprise Pavilion for 6 Month exhibition and interactive activities to enhance exchanges with the international fashion industry. On air max 2015 September 19, Gao Dekang led Bosideng executives and his entourage to Italy for a visit and received cordial meeting with Milan Mayor Giuliano Pisapia. Bosideng plans to Expo Milan as an opportunity to promote the integration of Eastern and Western clothing culture concept, the future will open stores in Milan, launched Bosideng global brand. Bosideng's international development, especially in expanding the European market, was confirmed by Vice Premier Wang Yang. When he investigated the foreign trade work in Suzhou, he cheap luxury bags said that efforts should be made to create more such international brands, continuously increase the added value of products and strive to foster a new growth point for foreign trade. He encouraged Bosideng said: 'Our fashion design, not the pursuit of quantity, is the pursuit of brand, quality.' Strengthen the responsibility of sharing responsibility Peter Parker (Peter Parker) in the 'Spider-Man' line is particularly touching: 'The greater the capacity, the greater the responsibility.' As an international Chinese garment enterprises, Bosideng not only diligently pursues to enhance customer value and Service, pay more attention to the sharing of interests and the demands of stakeholders, and aspire to be an enterprise of the times, a responsible enterprise and a company with great dreams and actively practice social responsibilities in the fields of industrial chain, low-carbon environmental protection and social undertakings. 'In the final analysis, the supply chain is a' win-win chain, 'which is one of the core competitiveness of the future business.I always said: The success of a business, not how much you make, but how many people you treat.Only innovation Resources in the industrial chain flow can enhance the value chain and create more social wealth. 'High Dekang said Bosideng use of brand influence and scale management integration of high-quality resources, and business development strategy to establish appropriate relations between the parties, and upstream and downstream industries Work together to create a win-win cooperation value chain and promote the healthy development of the entire industrial chain with honesty, self-discipline and fairness. Through the sharing of interests and common development, Bosideng 6 directly under the Industrial Park, more than 500 raw materials suppliers and collaborative factories, providing more than 300,000 jobs for the community. The climate problem brought by globalization has made low-carbon environmental protection a new business ethic. Bosideng incorporates ecological civilization and green economy into its development strategy, penetrates the ecological responsibility consciousness into all processes of the enterprise, and realizes the 'green management' of the whole process from various aspects such as technological transformation, product design, production and packaging, logistics and transportation, marketing service, , For the community to provide environmentally friendly green products. Bosideng also actively promote circular economy, explore new ways of green industry, and promote the healthy development of the industry. Since 2013, we have set up the Suzhou Down Garment Recycling Engineering Center in cooperation with Jiangnan University to conduct researches on the recovery, decomposition and recycle technologies of down garments (used in the manufacture of cleaning products, industrial woven fabrics and car insulation materials, etc.) It is canada goose pas cher homme of practical significance to promote China's efforts to establish and improve a recycling system for the recycling of textile products. On June 14, 2014, Bosideng participated in 'Old Clothes Zero Abandonment - Old Botas cortas UGG Clothes Recycling Activities of Chinese Branded Garment Enterprises' organized by China National Textile and Apparel Council and China Ecological Civilization Research and Promotion Association at 12 stores in Beijing. Clothing companies, consumers, charities, R \u0026 D institutions, and comprehensive utilization of the closed-loop system of division of labor between enterprises. These recycled old clothes, in line with safety and health standards, are used for charity projects such as the 'Western Warmth Plan' to help needy people who are in need. Raw materials that can not meet the relevant standards are used as raw materials for the research of regenerative processing technology. This is an innovative measure combining the comprehensive utilization of resources in China's textile and apparel industry and carrying out social welfare activities. Bosideng has been upholding the simple concept of 'maximizing corporate value is maximizing its social benefits' and actively responding to the demands of various stakeholders. The company invested 130 million yuan to build a state-level eco-village, China's top ten charm Village, China's top 10 well-off village - Hongbo village, donated 50 million yuan initiated the establishment of the Ministry of Civil Affairs directly under the management of 'Dekangbo love Foundation.' At 16:30 on August 3, 2014, a magnitude 6.5 earthquake struck Ludian County, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province, causing heavy casualties and property losses. Dekangbo Love Foundation and China Women's Development Foundation donated 11,668,780 yuan worth of materials to the disaster area in Ludian to help affected people resume production and rebuild their homes. Over the years, Bosideng donated a total of nearly 700 million yuan of donations and materials in such fields as splendid charity, science, education, education, health care, rescue and relief for environmental protection and public welfare, and made outstanding contributions to promoting the formation of a harmonious and harmonious social environment. In 2014, Month was awarded the second China Charity Federation 'China Charity Outstanding Contribution (unit) Award.' Bosideng also refers to the requirements of ISO26000 standard, strictly implements the requirements of CSC9000T in China's textile and garment industry, and actively creates a social responsibility system of public responsibility, social welfare and ethical behavior. On July 26, 2014, China Federation of Industrial Economics and UN Industrial Development Organization awarded 'China's Industrial Sector Five-Star Enterprise for Social Responsibility'. This is the first joint initiative organized by China Federation of Industrial Economics and the UN Industrial Development Organization to provide a comprehensive and comprehensive assessment of the management level and performance of CSR in China's industrial sector. The list of enterprises represents the advanced management level in the industry and Accountability level. Sailing vigor from time to time, across the development of full of spring. 2015 is another Bosideng who aspires to be 'a century-old enterprise and a century-old brand'. It is advancing the comprehensive transformation and integration of its strategy, business and functions, and continues to enhance its brand, quality and service. As a result, Market globalization, 'Blue Ocean' sail. High Dekang believes that the core of China's economy is the real economy and manufacturing industries. As a globally competitive and market-oriented industry, China's garment industry can become a new global eco-chain of apparel by doing a lot of work in every detail Strong! For the dream, and then proceed! Statement: Above Bosideng: customer value and benefit sharing brand image content from the 'Chinese clothing network content department' collected from the Internet, and clearly indicate the source of the source, if you disagree with the ownership of this article, please contact We, once verified, we will change immediately! page flip
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