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Content One day in 1976

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Bosideng: spell billions of clothing on the sewing machine territory
Content One day in 1976, the sound of pedal sewing machine came from Shanjing Village, Baimao Town, Changshu, Jiangsu Province. In several rented old houses, 24-year-old Goodekang led 11 villagers to form a clothing sewing group. At that time, no one group member would have thought that after 28 years, their sewing team would turn into a garment empire with a turnover of nearly 10 billion yuan. Wholeheartedly pursued 28 years of quality sewing on the billions of fashion empire with both to respond to the call of the collective production, but also to improve the complex family life complex emotions, on the one hand 11 crew members actively and conscientiously do sewing repair, processing work , On the other hand to accumulate their own savings together, and finally in 1980, set up their own garment factory. Bosideng legend staged this. People often say that often the first pot of gold from a self-made company comes from 'credit.' Excellent quality is the best credit card for the product. With good quality, Shan Jingcun garment factory in charge of high Dekang began to fight for some of the orders from Shanghai. With the order, Shajing Village garment factory started slowly on track. With the improvement of production efficiency, the transportation of products and raw materials has gradually become a problem that makes Gao Dekang a headache. Changshu to Shanghai more than 70 kilometers, when the company did not chaussure nike air max 97 even motorcycles, can only rely on the bike to transport back and forth. In this way, on the Nanjing-Shanghai Highway, high-dekang riding a bicycle carrying a hundred kilos of goods, the wind, the rain to go through the cold, calendar heat, a ride that is for several years. Opportunity has always been patronized. In 1983, 31-year-old Gao Dekang keenly smelt down the business opportunities for the production of down jackets, Shajing Village garment factory thus renamed Changshu Baizhen down jacket factory. Down in that still need tickets to buy the era of tight goods, production down jacket itself is a fashionable career. Under the background of seeking more than market, the down jacket ushered in the first peak of Gaodekang and his group's garment business: the garment factory earned the first one million in 1989. Only a year later, the profits of the garment factory Reached 7 million. Gold dig in the first pot of gold did not stop there, investment in 1.5 million expansion at the same time, he also began brewing his own brand --- Bosideng. Finally in 1993, Jiangsu Compro Group Company, founded by Gao Dekang, was established. The brand name of 'Bosideng' officially started the beach landing competition in China's down jacket industry. Data show that since 1995, Bosideng down jacket has been ranked first in the market for 19 consecutive years, the brand portfolio occupy nearly half of the domestic market down jacket. Bosideng won the title of '2002 Advanced Enterprise of National Quality Management' in 2002; Bosideng was awarded the title of 'National Contract Abiding and Credit Enterprise' in 2004; In 2006, Bosideng was elected '2006 National Customer Satisfaction Enterprise'; in 2008, Bosideng scarpe asics won the 'National Quality Award' and became the industry leader. Today, the sewing team of 11 members and 8 sets of pedal sewing machines has grown into a time-honored Empire with annual revenues of nearly 10 billion yuan. In 2013, the company's annual sales reached 8.12 billion yuan. Stitch only to get rid of worn thousands of years of jacket down jacket's history can be traced back to the Zhou Dynasty, China's Zhou Dynasty has been made of hair feathers of birds and animals, also known Botas cortas UGG as Yi clothing. Han yak wool useful to do the clothes floss, plush made from the Tang Dynasty plush clothing floss material. Because of the envy of birds flying in the sky, people have always been pouring a beautiful longing for the feathers. If you wear a feathered dress is a flying wish, then Sac de voyage femme do a down jacket is also a departure from the traditional gravity of a leap. The first generation of modern down jacket in China in the early 1980s became popular. At that time, fabric grade and processing level are not high, the style is more monotonous, with cashmere rate, filling volume, the appearance of bloated, known as 'bread service.' It was also at that time that a keen young man, High Deck, got into his feather dream. By the end of 1991, High Dekang officially registered its own brand 'Bosideng.' In 1976, the sound of the pedal sewing machine sounded like a horn in the village of Shanjing. It never disappeared or weakened after it sounded. The 28-year history of Bosideng not only enriched the history of China's modern down jacket industry, Progress has led the trend. In the last ten years of last century down jacket 'storm', Bosideng full advantage of talent advantages and promote scientific and technological innovation, enhance the scientific and technological content of down jackets, high technology to improve product added value and market competitiveness. The end of 2006, the National Standardization Technical Committee down clothing sub-technical committee approved Bosideng is responsible for organizing down the national standards related to the preparation of the system. November 2011, the International Organization for Standardization Clothing size series and code-named Technical Committee Secretariat settled in Bosideng. In recent years, Bosideng will be all the original sewing equipment updated into efficient sewing machine with low energy consumption, expanding the low-carbon production results; the introduction of lean production mode, the successful application of single flow, hanging production lines and templates standardized production operations, cultivating advanced international garment manufacturing base. Especially in the production of down jackets take the lead in the introduction of Sweden's hanging 流水生产线, so that production efficiency increased by nearly 30%. Interview, the person in charge of business to reporters, with advanced technology and equipment, and now Bosideng processing a down jacket only 90 seconds. With the improvement of people's living standard, the clothes are no longer the only cover-up for common people. The brand effect and aesthetic concept are increasingly infiltrating the consumer's demand. In 1995, Bosideng took the lead in introducing the concept of fashion design into the down garment industry. The 'thick, swollen and heavy' down cheap luxury bags jacket was 'light, beautiful and thin', leading the consumption trend of leisure, fashion and sportswear. In recent years, Bosideng homeopathic launched 'four seasons, internationalization, multi-brand' product development strategy, in the premise of safeguarding quality and technological progress, constantly inject new elements of fashion and beauty products. Bosideng, with its down jacket as the core product, entered the fields of fashion, casual wear, sportswear, underwear and so on in spring and summer as well as autumn clothes one after another. Bosideng launched Bosideng, Snow Flying, Compro, Jie ',' Feifei ',' Shangyu ',' Bosideng Men ',' Ricci-Club Women 'and other brands. Blockbuster village enterprises to set foot on the world T Taiwan has been 'Made in China' go abroad have been labeled as lack of technical core, rely on a large number of OEM workers to earn a small amount of processing fees, the lack air max 2015 of well-known brands and other labels. In fact, going out of 'made in China' is not without a technical core. On the contrary, more and more products are favored by foreign consumers from performance to quality. 'Made in China' enterprises also do not rely solely on foundry profits, On the contrary, a considerable number of enterprises are already in the upper reaches of the industrial chain. Similarly, Chinese enterprises that are going out are taking the determination and perseverance of injecting local brands bit by bit into the competition of the world's territory, making 'Made in China Become a real 'China Zhi-made.' As the forerunner of Chinese brand internationalization, Bosideng's internationalization has always been steady and exported to more than 10 countries and regions in Asia, North America and Europe. After obtaining the qualification of self-support import and export in 1997, Bosideng successively started cooperation with international brands such as Nike, Adidas, Colombia, michael kors bags Tommy and Northface, and continued to learn from international cooperation in the process of international cooperation. In 2007, the core business segment of the Group was listed on the Hong Kong main board, opening up a new chapter in international development. The day before the 2012 Olympic Games, the South Malton Street in West End in London, a modern Chinese building with elegant Chinese red-wall façades and landmark significance, is booming. This is the first fashion show of the Chinese apparel brand in the fashion capital of the world. It also opened the curtain for local apparel brands to set up flagship stores in first-tier cities overseas. A British media said smart Chinese 'pinch' the Olympic stopwatch, London made its own home. At the same time that the first British show was successful, Bosideng also clarified the mode of 'European Design, Chinese Production and European Marketing.' At present, Bosideng has set up four garment design centers in Changshu, Shanghai, Milan, Italy and London, England, synchronously with the trend of international apparel. The biggest problem that domestic enterprises face in going global is how to make quick profits. Most people hope that investments in international markets will be rewarded promptly. As everyone knows, to understand the local market, cultivate consumers, enhance brand awareness, which takes time. High dekang is wise, ambitious, he is looking forward to Bosideng world-renowned name, but also aware of the overseas expansion of Chinese brands destined uneven. During the interview, he told reporters that Bosideng went abroad and opened the shop to Europe. The greater significance is to learn from local advanced experience in style design, fabric research and development and supply chain management, and make use of international resources to canada goose pas cher homme enhance its brand value. A business, from the village-owned enterprises to landing tens of billions of listed companies in Hong Kong listed companies how long it takes to enter the domestic market to open the international market how long, from OEM processing to go abroad to bid farewell to labor-intensive traditional pattern, embarked on the upstream of the industrial chain how long it takes? Bosideng said it will take 28 years. In the past 20 years, based on the domestic Bosideng accompanied and led the development of the industry, has occupied half of China's down jacket industry; for the future, 'Made in China' where the future, Bosideng's future? High Dekang said the future is around the world. Statement: The above Bosideng: Sewing machine spell billions of clothing content by the 'China Apparel Network Content Department' collected from the Internet, and clearly indicate the source of the source, if you disagree with the ownership of this article, please contact We, once verified, we will change immediately! page flip
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