Bosideng is the trend of design for the bright spot

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Bosideng is the trend of design for the bright spot

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Bosideng: Innovative design is the soul of keeping pace with the times
Content innovation design is the soul of each clothing brand, Bosideng is the trend of design for the bright spot, designed to meet the aesthetic needs of the general public and meet the needs of the clothing is Bosideng new product release constantly breaking point, which is Bosideng down jacket and Keeping pace with the same concept has always dominated the down market, but also makes Bosideng continue canada goose pas cher homme to broaden and market segments usher in new opportunities for development, now Bosideng owns, including snow in the fly, Compro, Bingjie, men and many other sub-brands. Bosideng Group's innovative design work there are always many surprises, showing us a retro and nostalgic, gorgeous and artistic scarpe asics autumn and winter. In this year's Mercedes-Benz China International Fashion Week, Bosideng 'Shang · mining' as the theme of 2014/2015 China autumn and winter clothing fashion conference gorgeous splendor. This season, Bosideng designers will be inspired by the vitality of thinking michael kors bags through the colorful fabric, retro silhouette, a large number of hand-beading, diamond and other complex and sophisticated traditional crafts and sports and leisure elements of the rebel combination of creativity Exquisite pieces out of a piece of clothing, so elegant and noble image of women show dynamic spirituality. The press conference down, retro, gorgeous, sports and leisure keywords continue to flash in our minds, jumping. Apparel products to fully participate in market competition, and can not be eliminated with the market out of the market, especially in the international fashion arena to compete with cutting-edge brands, brand building is the only way, brand accumulation is a lasting way, however, the brand is not accumulated Overnight things, it needs process, need to make effective use of internal and Botas cortas UGG external display promotion platform. Bosideng believes Fashion Week is a good platform to demonstrate Bosideng's concepts and ideas to the domestic and international fashion industry with the help of the trend-setting trend and image promotion function of this internationalized service platform and spread the sound of national brands. Creativity and design are the number one driver of the apparel industry, and designers play a key role. As Ms. Zhu Lin, vice president and product creative director of Bosideng Group, puts it, 'Designers are the soft power of apparel Sac de voyage femme enterprises, and the outstanding design team Is to create an air max 2015 indispensable prerequisite for the charm of apparel products, they promote the development of industrial change. In recent years, Bosideng significantly accelerated the chaussure nike air max 97 pace of internationalization. In the overseas commercial market, frequent moves and active participation in global competition, the enthusiasm and initiative of Bosideng are, of course, inextricably linked with Bosideng's accumulated strength in focusing on brand accumulation over the years. And for the autumn and winter winter clothes Bosideng trend release release for 18 consecutive years of insistence, is its 'dare to innovate, the pursuit of excellence, always strive for the first' spirit of enterprise focused, Bosideng creative interpretation of autumn and winter design aesthetics, 'with the time Into, pioneering and innovative 'with innovative changes in the world famous brand, continued writing Chinese pride. Statement: Above Bosideng: Innovative Design is the soul of the times with the cheap luxury bags times by the 'Chinese clothing Network Content Department' collected from the Internet, and clearly indicate the source of the source, if you disagree with the ownership of this article, please Contact us, once verified, we will immediately change! page flip
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