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It’s what the sole in a basketball shoe should do, really. When you rock your heel into it to jump, it should cushion you and give you the slightest of boosts. When you land, it should make your foot comfortable. When you Asics Gel Lyte iii Damen Schwarz cut, it should tightly wrap around the balls of your feet, leaving you feeling safe and Nike Air Max 2017 Femmesecure with every motion.And it’s what Nike wants to do better than ever with its newest basketball shoe, the 2017 Hyperdunk. Released earlier this month, Nike’s flagship basketball shoe, geared toward hardcore ballers, promises to “react” to your every move.It’s the first pair of kicks equipped with Nike’s strategically named React foam, the first new hoops foam from Nike in several years. And while the revamped Hyperdunk isn’t a complete slam dunk, it is an easy shoe to recommend, as long as you’re a hardcore baller.The style won’t be for everyone, but anyone looking to elevate their hoops game will appreciate this shoe. The Flyknit construction leads to a tight fit, gripping your foot like a glove, a feeling that extends just above the ankle, providing ample support on the court.You feel Nike Air Max Zero Womens secure when changing direction, but the fit is never uncomfortable or constraining; Nike includes cushioning around the ankle. Combined with the soft Flyknit material, this means you don’t need to worry about cuts around the back of your Achilles. The sneaker maintains a tight fit all around, too, without the more cumbersome profile of last year’s Hyperdunk.The React foam, meanwhile, delivers on much of its Nike hype, especially once you start jumping. When you first put on the new Hyperdunks, they definitely feel soft and extra-cushiony.

They’re well-balanced between heel and forefoot, although they may be a little softer than you want on the forefoot (a little extra stability here would not have hurt). But you can feel the impact of all that extra cushioning when you elevate.Athletic players will feel a good sense of springiness in the heel when going up for layups, and despite all Adidas Superstar Womens Pink that extra softness up front, there’s a solid level of rigidity and support when you land. It takes a special brand of foam to transition from springy to rigid so quickly, and that’s exactly what React is, thanks to 2,000-plus hours of testing from Nike.What Nike also does impressively is deliver its unique blend of rigid and springy in a shoe that’s also durable. I’ve trained in a variety of ways in the Hyperdunk over the last few weeks, and, unlike some other sneakers, whose soles start to go after less than a month, the Hyperdunk still feels like new. Last year’s Hyperdunk frame also lost its elasticity far too quickly, but the 2017 version still feels taut and secure.It all adds up to a quality basketball shoe, and my current hoops kick of choice. The look won’t be for everyone, and this shoe isn’t worth it for the casual hoops player. But if you take your game seriously, especially if you’re a leaper, this is a kick that’s worth Asics Gel Lyte v Damen Weiss picking up.A casual ankle boot that got its name from the game of polo, the chukka boot was once solely associated with off-duty Sloanes in mustard coloured trousers. Fortunately, it’s possible to scrub that out of your mind these days and embrace what is one of the best easy-wearing footwear styles.“The chukka boot is a simple, low-ankle boot with three main pieces of leather in the pattern and either two or three eyelets,” says Tim Little, owner and creative director of Grenson. “The exact origin is unknown, but the assumption is that ‘ chukka’ refers to a polo chukka, which is a seven-minute period of the game. Opinion divides as to whether polo players wore this type of boot to ride or whether it was what they wore after a game.”

The chukka boot originated in India among the British army units that played the ‘Sport of Kings’ there and subsequently found its way to the west, hence the thoroughbred heritage.Traditionally made from unlined suede calfskin on a thin sole, chukka boots today come in a wide range of fabrics and colours.Nike Air Max 95 Damen Whatever you opt for, it’s a style of boot that sits comfortably in modern wardrobes and is versatile enough to be worn to the office and the pub.“They are known mainly as a smart-casual crossover, but it does depend on the leather. A light suede can create a very different feel from a highly polished black version,” says Little. Nike Air Max 90 Femme Bleu “They tend to look best with a narrow trouser leg, either kinked on the shoe, or nowadays, Adidas Superstar Dam more likely an inch or so above the boot.”Chukka boots are most commonly found in shades of brown, so you could go full-on polo chukka with pale or white trousers and a navy sweater without looking like one of Prince Harry’s boozed-up lackeys. To avoid all connotations of horsing around, the boots pair best with knitwear and casual trousers, says Philip Goodwin, men’s footwear buyer for John Lewis.“Chukkas look equally good with jeans or chinos, and more formal versions help dress down a suit for a more relaxed look,” he says.
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