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Postby carter@123 » Wed Sep 13, 2017 7:42 am

Dell service and support brands include the Dell Solution Station extended domestic support services, previously Dell on Call, Dell Business Support a commercial service-contract that provides an industry technician with a lower call-volume than in normal queues, Dell Everdream Desktop Management Software as a Service remote-desktop management, and Your Tech Team a support-queue available to home users who purchased their systems either through Dell's website or through Dell phone-centers. Dell routes technical support queries on products for the professional market according to component-type and to the level of support purchased.

Dell provides 24x7x365 telephone and online support, a selection of 4 or 6-hour onsite support after telephone-based troubleshooting, and a Mission Critical option with two-hour onsite support, for customers who choose the highest level of support for their most critical hardware assets. In addition, the company provides protection services, advisory services, multivendor hardware support, how-to support for software applications, collaborative support with many third-party vendors, and online parts and labor dispatching for customers who diagnose and troubleshoot their hardware. Dell also provides Dell customers access to a crisis-center to handle major outages, or problems caused by natural disasters. Dell also provides on-line support by using the computer's service-tag that provides full list of the hardware elements installed originally, purchase date and provides the latest upgrades for the original hardware drivers.

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