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goldendict's memory management - what's being loaded in RAM?

PostPosted: Fri Nov 11, 2016 4:58 am
by konradossed

I have two questions:

What is loaded into the RAM when I start goldendict? All the dictionaries, or maybe only the "words" without definitions?

By default, there is a dictionary added :/usr/share/goldendict-wordnet - I decided to create a new directory: /usr/share/goldendict-dictionaries and move goldendict-wordnet directory there (so now I have /usr/share/dictionaries/wordnet and a few other dictionaries).

I restarted goldendict, and did nothing else - i.e. I did NOT even open Edit -> dictionaries -> files to reflect that change.

Yet, the program worked just fine. Only that after about 10 minutes, it "noticed" there is something wrong. It stopped translating words, so I told it where the right directory is, and indeed it started working, but... why it worked for this 10 minutes in the first place?