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Arabic only translated if *pasted* into the Search field

PostPosted: Thu Jun 25, 2015 10:56 am
by Alec
I'm running the latest version of GD on Windows 7. I have an MS Word DOCX file, containing bilingual text in Arabic and English.

If I hover the cursor over an English word, e.g. the place name "Paris", that word appears in GD's Search field. It is automatically found in the dictionaries, and the translation is displayed.

If I hover the cursor over an Arabic word, the word appears in GD's Search field, but it is not automatically translated. Instead, I get the error message "No translation for ‮ﺑﺎرﯾﺲ‬ was found in group Arabic."

However, if I copy the Arabic word and paste it into GD's Search field, the Arabic word appears in the Search Pane. If I then click on the word in the Search Pane, the translation appears correctly.

Similar behaviour occurs in other applications (Outlook, Notepad, Notepad++, LibreOffice, in webpages, etc) and with other texts, so I think the problem must lie in GD itself.

Does anyone know why GD behaves differently for these two languages? Is it a bug, or can I change some options to correct it?

Thanks in advance,