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Open in new tab

Postby bits » Mon Jun 22, 2015 6:40 pm


does anyone know if there is a way to look-up words in a new tab? I know that it is possible from the search line (Alt+Enter or Ctrl+Enter), but is there a way to do it for global look-up (Ctrl+C+C) or for the scan popup (sending it directly to the main window or sending it to the main window with a shortcut like Alt+W)?

If not, I would suggest to add a setting like 'open global look-ups in new tabs' and/or adding additional keyboard shortcuts for this functionality, such as Alt+Shift+W for send to new main window tab.

This feature is rather important to me. I decided to switch to a monolingual dictionary quite early on, which means that I often need to look up words within the definition itself (and sometimes even for several words). Especially for adding this new vocabulary to flash cards I find it much more convenient to open them in separate tabs, as it is easier to switch between the tabs and it also keeps the structure better than (just) making use of the look-up history.


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