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Postby evaheseo » Wed Nov 22, 2017 6:22 am

'Justice of the division' Why become a 'network mob'?
One day, the continuous receipt of running shoes online more than 300 harassment messages and countless harassing phone and how did not think of Liao Mou, the moment of the impulse will even break down such a disaster. January 1, 2014 morning, Liao a driving their own silver car in Chengdu, Chang Shun Street, 4 times to brake, flick way to stop a BMW car, but also made several times Indecent posture. The owner of the BMW car with a traffic recorder to photographed his behavior sent to the Internet. In the enthusiastic friends under the deep excavation, Liao Mou's photos, name, age, running shoes on sale address, contact information, including ID number, christian louboutin pas cher including almost all personal information, in less than a day's time has been publicly available online. There are friends according to the license plate number broke the news that the car in August 2011, and August 28, 2013 has running shoes for women two vindictive behavior. Online denunciation in the disclosure of running shoes altra these information, quickly turned directly to Liaomou personal attacks. According to media reports, Liao Mou in 28 hours received a total of 377 text messages, many of them to kill your family such a threat message, harassing the phone is countless. Not only that, even Liaomou's family has also been implicated, Liaomou's mother began to receive harassment phone. Liao had to take their parents and his wife and children to leave home, to other places to live a night. I am now running shoes cheap the biggest feeling is that terror. In the end, Liaomou surrendered new balance running shoes parka canada running shoes black goose langford in fear and self-blame. At this point, by the Chang Shun street car attack caused by a human flesh search gradually settled. In the netizens for another time in addition to violence Anliang celebration, we can not help but ask: Who gave the human flesh search spy on the privacy of others? Why did the righteous division become a network of mobs? On the Internet popular with such a word to describe the power of human flesh search: If you like him (her), put running shoes brands his (her) photos nike free 3.0 v5 on the Internet, you will soon get him (her) all running shoes barefoot the information; if you hate him (Her), also put his (her) photos on the Internet, you can let him (her) overnight can running lose belly fat ruin. In the long Shun street car case, each netizen initially handy hilt, but why running shoes sale in the end has evolved into the Liaomou and his family's personal attacks and even life threat, so that Liaomou feel terror, so that his Family forced to change the land? Why did the righteous division become a network of best running shoes mobs? Freud once said that when the individual is in the public space, peeps to be suppressed, the need to instinctively by camouflage or symbolic transformation, etc., to be released. On the Internet, due to the characteristics of anonymity, the individual is equivalent to running shoes store a virtual private space, combined with the law of the state of mind, people are more likely to lose their zapatos nike air sense of responsibility, so as to make more radical than the reality of the move The Internet This virtual community gives people the right to participate on an equal footing, making people from passive information recipients into active information nike air max running shoes for high arches 90 hyperfuse womens providers, and human flesh search is to make everyone have the opportunity to incarnate the police, judges and moral judges. In the collective unconsciousness of ordinary people, there is often a certain degree of power hunger and thirst, in order to maximize the impact on society, their sense of justice is easily reversed into network tyranny. Network supervision has a better way to human flesh running shoes lightweight search in the process of network supervision does contribute to the undeniable power. Some local officials of the blauer giacche uomo corruption of the wind, Nike Free 3.0 V3 the spontaneous disclosure of netizens in running shoes best the clear, white in the world. Compared to human flesh search, running shoes for kids by running shoes new balance the government organized a series of anti-corruption action and formal reporting channel, it is more high-end, the atmosphere, on the grade. Since the eighteen, from the central to the local continued to set off a tiger flies fight against nike air max the storm, so that more than the vice ministerial level officials, due canada running shoes for flat feet goose trillium parka to serious violations of law and discipline and sacked. The list of high-ranking officials such as Li Chuncheng, Zhou Zhenhong, Liu Tienan, Ni Fake, Guo Yongxiang, Wang Suyi, Li Daqiu, Jiang Jiemin and Ji Jianye. On the other hand, the state long-term concern cheap nike air max 2014 through the network supervision and reporting work, called on Internet users through formal channels to reflect the problem, to resist false false reports and rumors rumors. The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, asics running shoes the Central Organization Department, the Supreme People's Court, the Supreme People's Procuratorate, Ministry of coach bags for cheap Land adidas boost 2017 running shoes adidas and Resources and other five departments have opened official website. People's Network, Xinhua, China Network running shoes asics TV, Sina, Sohu, what running shoes do i need NetEase, Tencent running shoes for men and other major sites also launched a network monitoring area. The openness and transparency of the anti-corruption organs and the deep participation of the public, especially the increase in the number of real names, has become a new trend in the field of anti-corruption, and the masses have indeed felt the effectiveness of anti-corruption work. According to the Supreme People's Procuratorate statistics, January to August 2013, the prosecution a total of 22617 cases of corruption and bribery investigation of 30938 people, from the masses reported that there are 7080. In these cases, the former deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission Liu Tienan, is the masses in the network to report the real name of a typical. In the case of the law of civilized society, the energy of human flesh search is can running cause back pain very easy to be magnified running shoes for plantar fasciitis by the anonymity, disorder and infinity of the network, resulting in a devastating force beyond the initial imagination, and it is difficult for the running shoes running shoes discount nike parties and their people to The negative impact of the estimate. If not the initiative to surrender Liao, Chang Shun street car overbearing it is difficult to imagine what will eventually go to the results. It is undeniable that human flesh search does play an important role in some social events, which promotes the development of events and triggers extensive discussion of society. These cases for human flesh search posted a network of supervision of the label, so that each of the Internet users have an unprecedented sense of accomplishment. However, we must also see that more human flesh search events will point to the ordinary people, and even only said a very yellow and very violent little girl, but also by the bottom line of Internet users exposure and joking. Seeking truth and justice is the most primitive and powerful motive for human Chaussures Nike pas cher flesh search. Unfortunately, we see more human flesh search does not adhere to the field of exposure supervision, but is to break through the public interest and public moral bottom line, Lebron James 8 unlimited expansion to the exposure of the parties to relatives of private information, and doping some subjective judgment and the parties and Relatives of the insulting abuse, angry feelings to the advantages of moral highland toward the private space and real life. To violent violence has never been civilized society should, human flesh search is not walking in the network supervision and network violence between the double-edged sword. Only through the formal way and a reasonable way, is the correct way to punish evil.
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