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'Chang'e' before the test: Jilin volcanic ash ride simulation 'moon'
Chang'e III monitor the camera back to the moon coach bags for cheap surface color photos. Xinhua science and technology personnel in the test site for lunar rover test. (Aerospace Science and Technology Group for the map) test running shoes lightweight site. (Aerospace Science and Technology Group for the map) to sum up, lunar and tour is the Chang'e three girls the moon trip of the two major tasks, that is, soft landing and lunar exploration tour. Chang'e III commander Zhang Tingxin pointed out that these two tasks require Chang'e III detector to overcome a number of key technologies, including the soft landing on the lunar, the separation running shoes for women of the two devices, the remote operation between the month, the moonlight survival, monitoring and control communications and ground tests. Chang'e III of the proportion of new research products as high as 80%, while the general satellite is only 20% to 30%, involved in the development of more than 230 units, which does not include a number of participating universities. To build the running shoes new balance moon palace painstakingly with Jilin volcanic ash to simulate the lunar month of the situation in the running shoes sale end is what? This is Chang'e flying before the developers to think about one of the most problems. Although Chang'e II to obtain a large nike air max 90 hyperfuse womens number of monthly picture, but there is no trap under the moon? And how to let Chang'e III smoothly fell on the lunar surface? In order to eliminate the uncertainty of the situation of the lunar month, the developers established a running shoes discount number of models including the lunar terrain model, the monthly dust model, and tailored a number of special tests for Chang'e III. In order to simulate the lunar environment, but also created a moon, running shoes cheap this is not a simple project. Only the simulation of the running shoes brands moon let the developers traveled the country, and finally cheap nike air max 2014 decided to use Jilin Jingyu County Longwan volcano volcanic ash. In the palace, the developers covered with dozens of centimeters thick simulated lunar soil, but also specially in the above paving stones, planing pit, tectonic slope, and then let the lunar rover in the above walk, and with one-sixth gravity sling, To achieve a low gravity environment, the weight of the lunar rover. running shoes online As the imitation of the lunar light and loose, lunar rover from the above walking, the whole field are filled with dust. Summer test to do more difficult, the temperature can reach fifty or sixty degrees Celsius, stickers in the test team who dust and sweat mixed together, into a muddy paste. It is in such a test environment, the development of the lunar rover for thousands of tests. Dust storms set up 100 meters test bench The completion of the field test does not mean everything goes true, field test is essential. Where the election, the test team can be described as painstakingly. They found that the mechanics of sand in the northwest desert were closer to the lunar surface. When the test, the asics running shoes participants are living in the temporary building of the simple room, and sometimes encountered sandstorms at night, the running shoes store head should be wrapped tightly. Even so, up in the morning, the quilt, the table, the ground is full of sand, full can sweep half basin. Zhang Tingxin recalls. Developers set up a 100 meter high can running lose belly fat test stand at the test site. The camp in the desert seems to be the sea of ​​Venice, took the door will be running shoes for high arches nowhere to go. The test team what running shoes do i need is there for a few months of desert tour. Power system technology sophisticated 29 engines for the power supply Chang'e three girls in the process of falling graceful grace, while the back of the helmsman is the engine, like the heart of the people, to provide a powerful driving force of Chang. How many engines can running cause back pain are on Chang'e III detectors? The answer is 29 units, of which 7500N variable thrust engine Lebron James 8 directly determines the Chang'e three months and lunar month's success or failure, and no backup. The moon, known as the exploration of the deep space of the outpost, but the way to the outpost filled with hardships and risks. Previously failed lunar mission, mostly due to power system failure running shoes for kids caused. nike free 3.0 v5 The Chang'e III lander propulsion system engine has a variety of models, different functions, different thrusts formed a powerful power alliance, staged a power relay. Among them, the finale of the lander launch blauer giacche uomo system eventually let Chang'e III arrived safely on the moon. Vacuum requirements Chang'e heart of the ever-changing spacecraft return to Earth, according to different needs running shoes for men to take a gliding, parachute, rotor and other different ways, but with the Earth's landing is completely different, the lunar landing is a soft landing in the vacuum, no atmosphere It means that air friction can not be used running shoes black to running shoes asics achieve deceleration. Chang'e III detector to achieve a lively security landing, the traditional rocket engine and propulsion system can not complete this task. Because, in the moon without the surface of the airborne soft landing maneuvering, requiring canada goose trillium parka a variety of thrust engine rapid changes, sometimes riveting horsepower, sometimes lightly, sometimes calm and meditation, this series of changing dance, Chaussures Nike pas cher need The engine has a deep throttling ability, the traditional engine simply can not be achieved, that is, can not achieve changes in thrust. Only to develop new balance running shoes a variable thrust engine, in order to complete the moon landing probe midway correction, near the brake, power down, hover and other soft landing task, not only to promote the system in 15 km to 100 meters highly accurate completion of the main slowing task, but also In the 100 meters to 4 meters Nike Free 3.0 V3 height began to stabilize and slowly decline in the implementation of hover, obstacle avoidance, the implementation of the shutdown at a height of 4 meters to ensure that the detector can be completed safely and smoothly on the mission. It can be said that in the world attention of the Chang'e III on the fall of the process, can be stable and accurate, best running shoes variable thrust engine has running shoes for flat feet the final say. More than 200 kinds of catheter to pass the three tests in order to make Chang'e III on the first step in the moon, aerospace science and technology group six hospital researchers spent five years, tailored for the 7500N variable thrust engine , Which is China's first with a wide range of variable thrust capacity of the liquid engine. As the only main engine of the propulsion nike air max system, a wide range of step-type variable thrust and stepless thrust can be realized, and the final appearance is the last stick to the power system relay. The lander propulsion system has more than running shoes barefoot 200 conduits, more than 400 running shoes for plantar fasciitis weld lines, more than 400 screw connection parts, live joint parts of nearly 100, the development process, fine word is the key. Engine thrust chamber nozzle with special alloy material, coated with high temperature antioxidant coating, parka canada goose langford the thinnest wall only millimeter level, and the body seamless connection, called the perfect combination of technology and technology. running shoes altra If the engine compared to the heart, a root catheter is undoubtedly the blood running running shoes on sale shoes adidas vessels to transport nutrients. Can be for the Chang'e III service, all the catheter at least through the three tests, first to go through cleaning, pickling, endoscopic intestinal examination; inside and outside the weld running shoes best in addition to endoscopy, but also to accept X-ray film Fluoroscopy. The Chang'e III propulsion system is completely a new power system, in addition to change the main engine thrust, but also includes more running shoes nike than 10 sets of 150N and ten Several 10N attitude control engines. These engines bear the moon landing midway correction, zapatos nike air near the brake, power down, hover and a series of soft landing tasks, and according to the scheduled instructions to achieve the shot when the shot, and then shot unambiguous. Girls are beautiful, Chang'e III is no exception, before the moon also carried out a thin, propulsion system first made a sacrifice. For the Chang'e III weight, the configuration of the special requirements for the promotion of the system \u0026 adidas boost 2017 lsquo slim \u0026 rsquo; become the primary issue. Chang'e III promotion system deputy commander Li and Jun said. Developers found that 10N small posture control engine is like a slender little white wine cup, christian louboutin pas cher figure light, no fat can be reduced. So they will be locked in the tank, cylinder, 7500N and 150N engine weight loss design, which brings a lot of key technology breakthroughs, as the highlight of the propulsion system. Lightweight, large-volume composite material winding metal membrane tank developed successfully, the use of non-welded aluminum alloy lining composite material cylinder design and manufacturing technology to reduce the weight of the cylinder, even in the system does not account for the high proportion of Lock valve is not let go, have carried out a small improvement. To solve the problem of weight loss, for our follow-up deep space to provide a technical accumulation. Responsible: Ge Peng
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