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Feature Request: Search INSIDE Entries

PostPosted: Wed Mar 16, 2016 1:19 pm
by HvP
Hi guys, I need to be able to search on a word deep inside the individual entries of my dictionary files on my Android. (On Abbyy Lingvo Desktop this is called "full-text search". IDK if it exists in GoldenDict Desktop, but I need it for mobile). (Especially useful for searching for phrasal examples INSIDE entries or through single-language dictionaries that were written as thesauri)

For instance, if I'm learning Ukrainian and have a dictionary with an entry titled "щирий", and inside the entry there is the phrase "щира вдячність", I want to bring up this entry when I search "щира вдячність". (Granted, in this case, it's pretty easy to figure out you need to search only on the first word and undecline it to щирий, but many of the dictionaries I have are not organized/linked that well).

I'm not exactly sure what the "Middle match deepness" setting is supposed to do, but even setting it to infinity doesn't produce the search behavior I need. I understand that some features like automatic undeclining could be quite difficult to add, but I don't see why this feature would be (provided your phone/tablet has the processing power to search through the expanded index, which I think my Note 4 would).