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Modifying morphology files for Goldendict mobile

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Modifying morphology files for Goldendict mobile

Postby atlas » Sat Aug 01, 2015 5:50 pm

Hi everyone!

I use goldendict mobile, downloaded the reccommended Hunspell dictionaries for english, and it really annoys me that there's no result when I select a word with a comma, a dot, m-dash etc. i. e. if a I select

"material," or "material;" "material?" in my reader, I want to go to "material" directly, which is not happening with the current files.

I thought of modifying the morphology files, especially the "aff" files: I included theses characters ".,;)?" etc in WORDCHARS, I created the suffix rules like these:

SFX Y 0 , .

SFX Y 0 ) .

(of course I added /Y to the words in the dic file)

but sadly it doesn't work. It works with any letter but not wih the punctuation signs.
Any ideas?
Gracias amigos
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