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Checking license every time

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Checking license every time

Postby Bruno » Sun Jun 21, 2015 8:05 am


...I 've got a problem with my GoldenDict after resetting my Smartphone (factory data reset - Samsung Galaxy Gio: Android 2.3.6).

Every time I start the GoldenDict app a license checking window appears: GoldenDict [201].
After 10 seconds the 'Continue' button is active so I can press it and use the app.


GoldenDict [201]

This program needs to check its license on your device.
Please make sure you have a working internet connection and your Market account is active. Click 'Retry' to perform the check.

If you've just purchased the program, wait 10 seconds, then click 'Continue'.
Sometimes it takes time for the license to apply.

'Retry' 'Continue'


What can I do?

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