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Some suggstions

Mobile version discussion

Some suggstions

Postby ales » Wed Sep 19, 2012 2:37 pm

I have 150+ dictionaries installed,so there are many entries, and GD works slower when letters are being typed in the search box. Nevertheless, GD runs
faster than any other dictionary apps on Android. Great job of you.
The following is what i need to speed up the process:
1. Several copies of GD can be installed, and each GD has a unique directory(ies) of dictionaries.
2. Have the ability to specify several dictionaries for use.

Other suggestions:
1. Online search. Opera has a cool feature, that you can make any web search box into a search box of its own. I wish GD could make use of the search links generated by Opera browser.
2. Ability to export results, as what Wikipedia does.
3. Buttons for turning back or forward.
4. Ability to hide/expand certain definitions in the results.
5. Wild card support. Use "?" and "*" to replace a letter(s).
6. Ability to search words through the google search installed in android system.
7. An ios version please. If possible, symbian and wp8 version are welcome too :D . Since there are very few dictionary apps for the wp8, the first ones will become the most popular ones. And that is what i wish for GD.
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